JAMIA Special Issue


Important: Please specify in your cover letter that your submission is for our special issue as there’s no specific link on JAMIA website for submitting to our special issue.

Special Issue on Interactive Systems for Patient-Centered Care to Enhance Patient Engagement

Novel interactive technologies such as mobile health applications and health portals are increasingly designed and implemented to support patient engagement and patient-centered care. Yet, most existing systems fall short in adequately engaging patients and ensuring that clinical decisions are patient-centered. This may be attributed to a number of reasons, for example, a disconnect between system designers’ understanding of clinical work and care processes, a lack of clear protocols defining how patient-engaged technologies should be adopted and used, and an insufficient understanding of patients’ information needs, preferences, and values.

This special issue calls for submissions that conduct novel informatics evaluations and/or develop new methodologies related to the design and implementation of systems to support patient engagement and patient-centered care. The special issue also intends to emphasize cross-disciplinary research collaborations that apply conceptual, methodological, and/or practical insights from different disciplines (e.g., human-computer interaction, biomedical and health informatics, or clinical specialties). Therefore, we encourage submissions that conduct new evaluations and/or develop methodologies in the context of cross-disciplinary collaborations. Evidence leading to potential generalizability in various settings will be emphasized. Description of new ideas or prototypes without a corresponding evaluation will not be considered.

Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts as Research and Applications articles, Brief Communications, or Case Studies. All articles should use or develop novel informatics methods. Emphasis will be given to papers that involve cross-disciplinary collaborative work involving clinical and user-centered/systems design researchers.

 Important Dates (REVISED):

February 28, 2015 Manuscript submission deadline
April 30, 2015 (expected) Initial decisions sent to authors
May 31, 2015 (expected) Revised manuscript submission deadline
June 30, 2015 (expected) Final decisions sent to authors

Topics of Interest and Scope:

Topics of interests include but are not limited to:

  •      Information technologies for patient-centered healthcare delivery and management
  •      Health data acquisition, management, and visualization for patient engagement
  •      Patient-provider communication networks and environments
  •      Patient-provider interactions mediated by health information technologies
  •      Organizational impacts of health information technologies on patient engagement
  •      Pervasive and mobile technologies to promote patient engagement
  •      Patient-centered health information systems for chronic disease management
  •      Computer games, social networks, and social media for patient engagement
  •      Consumer and clinician health information needs, seeking, sharing, and use for patient engagement

Submission and Peer Review Process:

To ensure consideration in the special issue, authors should note in a cover letter that their submission is for the “Special Issue on Interactive Systems for Patient-Centered Care to Enhance Patient Engagement”.

Supplemental materials such as videos, illustrations, images, and/or additional screenshots are encouraged. Detailed information for online submission to JAMIA is available on http://jamia.oxfordjournals.org/.

All manuscripts will be subject to the rigorous JAMIA peer review process. After the initial programmatic review, manuscripts considered within the scope of the JAMIA special issue and that meet the quality expectations will be reviewed by 2-3 experts for scientific merit.

Authors should format and structure their manuscripts according to the guidelines specified at: http://jamia.oxfordjournals.org/for_authors/index.html. Accepted articles may appear in print and/or in an online JAMIA issue.

Guest Editors

Charlotte Tang, University of Michigan-Flint
Nancy Lorenzi, Vanderbilt University
Christopher Harle, University of Florida
Xiaomu Zhou, Rutgers University
Yunan Chen, University of California, Irvine

Questions Regarding the Issue

Please direct any questions regarding the special issue or submissions to Charlotte Tang (tcharlot@umflint.edu).

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